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The Wedding of

Deniche & András

Where the two shall become one, the journey of Deniche & András 03.08.3019

Finding a photographer that can catch our vision was important, as this will be the memories that can pass for generations and to our families and friends who cannot make it.

Kölcsey Sára Photography, How I came across to Sára was quite a bazaar. Long story short, there was a profile of Sára's work on , where I've contacted her and she thought my mail was spam! (As she had no idea she had an account on this site). 

I fell in love with the style of Sára's work, she is indeed a documentary photographer, capturing pictures raw and unfiltered.

When we met Sará for the first time, she made me and  András very comfortable and understood our vision (mostly mine as I am bridezilla standard). Still, I remember when I dropped the news of The Dinosaur performance... 3 seconds of silence from Sára and the laughing started!

On the wedding day, András and I felt very comfortable and didn't realize how many pictures had been taken of us. Thanks to Sára and Krisztian, who were an amazing couple and fantastic photographers, the dynamic and energy that they gave is unforgettable.  Check out Sára's page for her story of us and her work :)

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