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Right, so where do I begin? 

Just like the name Everyday Thai, if I can have all the time Thai food, this will be the place I will come to. Situated around the Fishpond area, if you want to visit check out their website for opening times & highly recommended to book your time advance.

There are lots of Thai restaurants around Bristol, but somehow Everyday Thai has its own unique vibe that my husband András and I keep on revisiting. We have been here 3 times, once was takeaway service but I'd forgotten to take pictures of all items, silly me! But I have a few that I can share with you all.

The restaurant size is pretty small around 30-40 covers (personal guess), but don't be fooled by the size, the quality of the food will literally blow your socks off!

Traditionally Thai food isn't served with alcohol, therefore at Everyday Thai follows the authenticity of this tradition. In my opinion, it doesn't really bother me, as the food is flavourful so you really don't want to ruin your taste bud with alcohol.


So what did we have? 


 kao Griab Goong/ Crakers

Ordered a bowl of mixed Chinese & Thai prawn crackers. If you don't the two types of prawn crackers to be mixed, options available as well.

This is served with sweet chili sauce. 

Guay Tiaw Gai

Okay, this is not a starter meal, actually fact it is one of their main dishes. But when your man is hungry, he will order everything on the menu. This is a noodle soup with chicken, vegetables and bean sprouts. This soup has quite a sweet taste.

Classic Tom Yum soup

A classic Thai soup that you have to try! I love my seafood therefore I lean to prawns. But there are options for chicken, mushroom or tofu.

The soup is fresh, fragrant of lemongrass zesty flavour!


Gai Pad Gra Pow 

chicken fire-fried with onion, spring onions, peppers, chili and fresh basil. This is delicious, spicy and saucy. This main served on its own so you have to order a side dish to accompany with. Recommended plain rice or egg fried rice what we went for.

Pad Thai Goong

Thai rice noodles wok-fried with king prawns, egg, spring onions & bean sprouts. served with lime and crushed, roasted peanuts. a classic Thai dish and absolutely delicious. Remember if you are intolerant or don't like peanut you can request to make without.

I love spicy food, so I had requested for extra hot! This main is very filling and great portion too.

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