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Our Story ...

On the 2nd of September 2016, with a simple handshake, a smile, and our eyes met. 


We met at work, András was already a well-established Chef and charming in his own way.  Whilst I was a fresh graduate, looking for a waitressing job, that can provide an income source, to then pursue a career goal as a Designer in London. 

To date was not in my "To-do List", as I was driven in my career wonderland that, nothing can stop me from pursuing the goal.

The very first moment we met I can never forget. Almost, as if everything stoped and siren noise went off in my head. Perhaps this is what the "butterfly feeling " is? 

And for András, he said, " the moment when I first saw you, I have to get you!"

After our first greeting, I never had the courage to talk to András directly, I became distant because I felt that I can read in his eyes when we met. That a friend is not what he wants but more...  but I don't know what that more is and it frightens me to not want to find out.  

I guess the universe was on our side and instincts draw us crossing the path. Day by day turns month to month, little birds would whisper of András feeling towards me, I became curious and somehow were mixed of emotions as my instincts were right, but how right can I be?

Photographs: Kölcset Sára 

The power of rumors cannot be underestimated. As I seem to realised  András feeling towards me, I gently brushed it off but it became unsettled and would like to clear the air.

So I gather my courage and confronted András about whether the rumor was true. Over 2 months later, we chatted on the corridor, and either I was nervous or he was, but we both nervously laughed, then he said " once I am brave enough I will ask you to go out with me"

I must admit this is a new tactic and  I was intrigued by his comment with a cheeky reply if you can give me a recipe for one of your signature dessert, then I will take the offer on going on a date, but bare in mind this is a make it or break it opportunity, as I would like to settle "telenovela entertainment" at work and move forward.

Well, András was determined and it seems like I was his target for this arrow. I wanted to say that he kept it steady, but boy did he chased and I ran away like a monkey! My nickname is monkey given by András for many reasons.

We settled for our first date and without knowing that we have embarked on the journey of where the two become one.


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